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Sustainability Journey - Nov 2018 - Issue No.19

We supported another milestone in the journey towards increased implementation of sustainable practices for palm oil production as new RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) were endorsed at the RSPO General Assembly on 15th November 2018.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Nov 2018

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Sustainability Journey - Oct 2018 - Issue No.18

Goodhope is implementing commitment and compliance-based approaches to move towards reaching its sustainability goals. Throughout our operations we continue to make improvements and advances towards reaching our sustainability targets through the implementation of initiatives such as capacity building to support sustainable livelihood development, environmental performance management, health and safety improvement, compliance assessments and certification audits.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Oct 2018

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Sustainability Journey - Sep 2018 - Issue No.17

We continue to strengthen capacity across company departments in order to meet our overall commitment to deliver improved performance in sustainability. Recent efforts to promote requirements across our operations have included a series of training sessions conducted by Goodhope’s Agronomy Department, with the aim to enhance and widen the implementation of best management practices for sustainable agriculture. 

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Sep 2018

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Sustainability Journey - July 2018 - Issue No.15

In our previous issue of Sustainability Journey, we reported the completion of two important assessments that will contribute to conservation
management and monitoring at our concessions in Nabire region, Papua:

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - July 2018

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Sustainability Journey - June 2018 - Issue No.14

In this issue of our monthly report ‘Sustainability Journey’ we focus our attention on the recognition of World Environment Day, 5th June, and report on some of our recent efforts to encourage awareness and action with the aim to: protect remaining biodiversity and rare, endangered and threatened species; safeguard ecosystem services; and minimize our environmental impact.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - June 2018

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Sustainability Journey - May 2018 - Issue No.13

A year since the launch of our Sustainability Policy in May 2017, our performance has recently been evaluated and our Sustainability Policy Implementation Plan has been reviewed.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - May 2018

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Goodhope has partnered with Perbanas Institute to support our education programs and community development initiatives.

As part of an initial scoping study, a research team from Perbanas Institute visited PT Agro Indomas Central Kalimantan (AICK) in February 2018 to assess economic advancement potentials and to gather information from the plantation site, including evaluation of the training and teaching facilities at the concession. The visit provided opportunities for discussions with stakeholders to help identify strengths and weaknesses in current CSR programs. Evaluation of the information that was gathered upon the field visit has since been used to develop a proposal for capacity building programs.

Partnership agreements between Goodhope and Perbanas Institute were formally finalized and signed at a ceremony held at Jakarta Convention Centre on 7th May 2018.

The main aims of the partnership are to:

  1. Promote the development of sustainable small business enterprises among local communities.
    • Topics of training for this program will include Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales, and Finance.
  1. Enhance school management, administration and teaching quality.
    • This program will focus on delivering training on Financial Management for school administrative staff and providing teacher training on teaching methods.
  1. Promote sustainable financial management for plasma cooperatives.
    • This program will be delivered by providing training on Entrepreneurship, Management of Cooperatives, Tax and Financial Management, Marketing and Sales.
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Sustainability Journey - April 2018 - Issue No.12

In seeking ways to improve implementation of our Sustainability Policy, we have established a number of partnerships to facilitate the delivery of our implementation plan objectives. Such partnerships provide important expertise and resources to enable us to develop and implement appropriate action plans.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - April 2018

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Sustainability Journey - March 2018 - Issue No.11

Mitigating the negative impacts associated with the production of palm
oil to achieve long-term social, economic and environmental
sustainability is clearly both crucial and highly challenging. It requires
awareness ,involvement and support from governments, NGO partners,
local communities, trading partners and other stakeholders

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - March 2018

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Goodhope has initiated a partnership with the conservation organization Yayasan Swaraowa to Support Conservation and Community Development Initiatives in the area of Bukit Santuai, Central Kalimantan.

In March 2018 a scoping visit to PT Agro Wana Lestari provided information to develop a strategic plan to improve management and monitoring of the HCV area and support improved sustainable livelihoods among the local communities.

The expertise of representatives from Swaraowa will help to guide management decisions, facilitate capacity building initiatives, and promote collaborative conservation management and monitoring with local communities and other stakeholders.

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Three of our companies have received awards for their consistency on implementing safety programs. The Zero Accident Awards were presented for attaining our target of ‘No Lost Time Injury’.  For two years, from January 2015 – December 2017, there were no work-related incidents leading to the loss of productive work time in the form of worker delays or absenteeism.

Awards were presented to:

  • Agro Wana Lestari – Bukit Santuai Mill
  • Agro Indomas – Sungai Purun Mill
  • Agro Bukit – Sungai Binti Mill
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From 27th February – 1st March 2018, a series of public consultations were held to communicate our sustainability commitments to some of Goodhope’s stakeholders, including government authorities, NGOs, media, buyers, suppliers and contractors.

Our major aims were to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of the company’s operations and to gain stakeholder feedback for improved policy implementation.

The first event was held in Sampit, Central Kalimantan, and included two core presentations:

  1. Franky Zamzani from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK) presented information on peatland fire control.
  2. Mim Yudiarto from Goodhope presented information on the company’s sustainability (NDPE) commitments and approaches for implementation.

Participants included the heads of sub-districts; representatives from law enforcement bodies, business partners, including Golden Agri Resources (GAR), suppliers and contractors; and representatives from research institutes and NGOs including the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and Orangutan Foundation International (OFI).

Media Coverage

The event was attended by a number of media reporters and articles reporting on the subject were published in a number of local newspapers. The articles (written in Bahasa Indonesia) report on Goodhope’s commitments and the need for stronger multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the efforts towards sustainable palm oil.

Public consultations on our sustainability commitments continued with two further sessions held on-site at plantation locations:

  • At the Training Center of PT Agro Indomas Central Kalimantan on 28th February 2018
  • At the Sports Hall of PT Agro Wana Lestari on 1st March 2018

These sessions provided information for local stakeholders, including community leaders, smallholders’ cooperatives, village heads and local suppliers and contractors. The topics presented focused on the company’s commitments to conservation, the prevention of exploitation and the development of a sustainable supply chain.

Stakeholders were introduced the ‘NDPE Self-Assessment’ checklist that we have developed as an improvement initiative which will ensure that the correct elements are checked to comply with each aspect of our Sustainability Policy.

Stakeholder Feedback

The events provided ample opportunities for interactive discussions, and participants expressed constructive comments and ideas that will be taken on board to address stakeholders’ concerns and improve our practices.

Discussions delivered frequent reminders of the difficulties associated with policy implementation and the necessities of realizing our promises. Feedback from our stakeholders included the need to closely monitor the impact of corporate operations and apply adaptive management to ensure that the interests of local community are heeded by the company. There were also requests for more investment in community development programs.

We thank all stakeholders for their recommendations and contributions in supporting the implementation of our commitments. We have plans to extend the socialization program as part of our plans to improve engagement with local communities and suppliers.

We will build on this experience as an important stepping stone towards improved delivery of policy implementation.



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InfoSAWIT 8th March:

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Sustainability Journey - February 2018 - Issue No.10

Goodhope strives to continue to make positive progress towards sustainable
development by identifying gaps in the implementation of our Sustainability
Policy and by carrying out appropriate corrective action.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - February 2018

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The development of PT Nabire Baru palm oil mill is intended to enable the processing of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) up to a capacity of 15 MT/hr.

Customary Ritual Ceremony

A customary ritual ceremony was held on 24th January 2018 at the site of the proposed mill to mark the inception of land preparation. The event was held to fulfil the customary traditions in the region and to verify community support for the establishment of a mill.  Approximately 200 people attended the event, including representatives from local government agencies, local communities and religious leaders.

Public Consultation

As part of the mill development plan, Goodhope organized a public consultation to provide stakeholders with information on mill construction, the processing of FFB and the environment and social issues related to mill activity. 176 participants attended the meeting including community representatives and other concerned stakeholders.

Mill construction will proceed in compliance with the Yerisiam Community terms of agreement (link to Exception to ‘Stop Work Order’ granted to allow for the development of a ‘mini mill’ by PT Nabire Baru and is expected to be completed in October 2018.

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Sustainability Journey January 2018 - Issue No.9

We are now looking forward to making 2018 a successful year by continuing
to make further positive progress in implementing our Sustainability Policy.
We continue to review and update our Sustainability Policy Implementation
Plan and have developed aims and objectives in order to fulfil our
commitments. In this edition of our monthly report, we provide updates on
recent progress and planned activities.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - January 2018

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HCV assessment for Goodhope subsidiaries in Sintang region, West Kalimantan (PT Sinar Sawit Andalan and PT Sumber Hasil Prima) have been completed by assessors from the ecological consultancy firm Re-Mark Asia. The completed report has been submitted to the High Conservation Value Resource Network (HCVRN) for Quality Panel Review, well ahead of the deadline that was set as 31st January 2018.

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Sustainability Journey November 2017 - Issue No.7

In this monthly newsletter we report on our ‘Sustainability Journey’ and
provide information on recent activities that have been undertaken in order
to fulfill our social and environmental commitments.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - November 2017

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Goodhope is working with Aidenvironment with the aim of developing and implementing an integrated conservation and land-use landscape management plan in the Ketapang district, West Kalimantan. The aim is to work together with local communities and the West Kalimantan Provincial Government to develop spatial management plans for sustainable alternative livelihood programs that are in line with community aspirations.

The management plan will be based on a review of HCV, HCS and Social Impact Assessments and Community Baseline Surveys incorporating Focus Group Discussions inclusive of all local communities.

Workshop on Legalization of Conservation Areas and Acceleration of Agrarian Reform in Ketapang District

Goodhope was among the private sector companies to participate in a workshop on the importance of land legalization, provision of forest management rights and management of conservation in the Ketapang district, West Kalimantan. The two-day workshop was held in Bogor, on December 5th – 6th 2017 and was coordinated by Aidenvironment. Key issues were presented and discussed relating to the Ketapang district government plans to implement the priorities of the agrarian reform policy, which aims to provide economic equity for all people. The meeting included representatives from The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and The Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning, from the Ketapang district.

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Goodhope has submitted Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) Reports for its subsidiaries in Sintang region, West Kalimantan. The LUCA reports for PT Sinar Sawit Andalan (SSA) and PT Sumber Hasil Prima (SHP) were completed by the ecological consultancy firm Aksenta and have been submitted to RSPO on 28th November 2017, well ahead of the deadline that was set as 31st January 2018.

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Sustainability Journey October 2017 - Issue No.6

In this 6th issue of our monthly sustainability report we include an overview on some of our activities over the last four weeks, focusing on the following areas:

  • Engagement and Training
  • Completion of Assessments
  • Verification of the Legal Compliance of PT Nabire Baru
  • High Carbon Stock Approach for High Forest Landscape Project Proposal
  • Yerisiam Gua Community Grievance Settlement Procedures


For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - October 2017

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