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Goodhope has partnered with Perbanas Institute to support our education programs and community development initiatives.

As part of an initial scoping study, a research team from Perbanas Institute visited PT Agro Indomas Central Kalimantan (AICK) in February 2018 to assess economic advancement potentials and to gather information from the plantation site, including evaluation of the training and teaching facilities at the concession. The visit provided opportunities for discussions with stakeholders to help identify strengths and weaknesses in current CSR programs. Evaluation of the information that was gathered upon the field visit has since been used to develop a proposal for capacity building programs.

Partnership agreements between Goodhope and Perbanas Institute were formally finalized and signed at a ceremony held at Jakarta Convention Centre on 7th May 2018.

The main aims of the partnership are to:

  1. Promote the development of sustainable small business enterprises among local communities.
    • Topics of training for this program will include Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales, and Finance.
  1. Enhance school management, administration and teaching quality.
    • This program will focus on delivering training on Financial Management for school administrative staff and providing teacher training on teaching methods.
  1. Promote sustainable financial management for plasma cooperatives.
    • This program will be delivered by providing training on Entrepreneurship, Management of Cooperatives, Tax and Financial Management, Marketing and Sales.
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