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3 (Three) KPMA Received Oil Palm Plasma Proceeds (Published on Papua Pos, Monday 15 July 2019).

3 (Three) KPMA Received Oil Palm Plantation Plasma Proceeds


Papuapos Nabire, Monday, 15 July 2019


NABIRE ‐ 3 (Three) Indigenous People’s Plantation Cooperatives (KPMA) of the Waoha Tribe, Sarakwari and Koroba and the Wate Asiaina Tribe currently generate income for cooperatives through plasma provided by the PT Palm Oil Plantation. Nabire Baru is 15%. Where, the process of paying plasma yields is done once per quarter by the company, the price of which is adjusted to the results harvest or heavy tonnage of palm fruit sold from cooperatives to the palm oil company PT. Nabire Baru.

Chairperson of the Waoha Yunus Monei Tribal Plantation Cooperative (KPMA) told the reporters on Saturday (7/13) at the Palm Oil Plantation of PT. Nabire Baru that  plasma plantations were counted start harvesting the oil palm fruit from November 2018 until June 2019 at this time. However, the yield of palm fruit belonging to the community plasma managed through this KPMA, which has been sold to PT. Nabire Baru counts twice by quarter, in the sense of the first quarter from November to January, the second quarter February to April and the pattern of plasma payments according to tonnage or FFB (fresh fruit branches). "Realization of the payment is in accordance with the agreement, which is fifteen percent to the cooperative that has been paid in accordance with the results of the palm fruit that has been sold to PT. Nabire Baru. And all the people know and the members of the cooperative also know how much is gained from the plasma, so all things related to plasma payments to the community through this cooperative are going well and smoothly, "he said. It was said, the plasma payment process was also carried out transparently and clearly, nothing was covered up.

At present Waoha KPMA is in the third quarter of the plasma process, which will be paid in July so that it is still in the process stage while waiting for the FFB price determined by the government. In a sense, the company is also very concerned about the price side that will be given to the community, with a better purchase value. Furthermore, KPMA Wahoa has a plasma area of 45 cooperative members. The price of palm fruit is adjusted to the age of planting, so for the first and second quarters of course it is still early so that the price is not so much income earned by KPMA Wahoa, but as time goes on the longer the planting age the better the yield of palm fruit produced and the higher the price. "We are temporarily positioned 48 months of planting age, so the price is still below and that too is also adjusted to the amount of tonnage sold to PT. Nabire Baru. And the money from the plasma proceeds for the KPMA Wahoa that the cooperative has received is shared equally among all members of the cooperative, because our planting age is still very small, but in the future, the results of this plasma will also be used in supporting cooperative programs that favor cooperative members, "He said.

He hopes, as the Chairperson of KPMA Wahoa to all the people of the Wahoa Tribe and also members of the cooperative to remain big‐hearted and believe that what we are doing will definitely pay off. First it may be difficult, but when we want to work with a sincere heart it will definitely produce good results. And the impact of the oil palm is very extraordinary in its prospects and provides exceptional welfare to the community.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Sarakwari KPMA and Koroba Alberth Nanaor said the same thing. The presence of PT. Nabire Baru has finally been able to bring extraordinary changes to the people in Wami and Sima. It's been nine years since he entered the oil palm plantation company PT. Nabire Baru has currently numbered 101 members of the Sarakwari and Koroba KPMA cooperatives. "Realization of 15 percent revenue from plasma products is all included in cooperative cash and all of these results will be included in future cooperative work programs. And we also learn in the cooperative financial management system, so that it has great benefits for cooperative members going forward, "he said.

Alberth also said, in the future KPMA Sarakwai and Koroba will make infrastructure and facilities for cooperatives, so that in cooperative services to the community and also members of cooperatives can run well. And future program plans are also related to the aspirations and proposals from the community related to oil palm plantations through cooperatives, so that all members of the cooperative and also the community are equally promoting cooperatives and also oil palm plantations. Because, the presence of a palm oil company PT. Nabire Baru has a positive impact on improving the community's economy. "I hope, the succeeding generations, generations of village development come to join us to start learning, do not ignore the time available. No more negative perceptions of the company, we see that we have now begun to enjoy the results through this plasma, and this is the beginning of our success going forward, this is real proof not false promises, we feel the results now, "he added.

KPMA Wahoa and KPMA Sarakwari and Koroba, KPMA Wate Asiaina have also begun to feel the impact of the results of the plasma provided by the company. KPMA Chairman Wate Asiaina, Nikanor Kaiway told reporters, as the owner of customary rights and also the chairman of the cooperative gave his appreciation to PT. Nabire Baru because it has changed new productive and productive forests. He said, during his leadership of KPMA Wate Aisiana for the past five years, by having 161 members of the Family Head (KK). Where, from the first quarter plasma results received by KPMA Wate Aisiana, the SHU received was included in the cooperative's cash and was used as the cooperative's Dump Truck credit costs of 3 units. "So now the dump truck from cooperatives is being rented to the company, and the rental payment will be included in the cooperative cash and for the welfare of cooperative members. Meanwhile, the results of the second quarter plasma amounted to fifty‐three million and the results of a joint meeting with the community from the results of the second quarter plasma were distributed to all cooperative members and the seven clans in Wate Aisiana. And in the third quarter, we just have to wait for the process and tonnage prices from the government, "he said. "This is not the end of something, but this is the beginning of something, so I beg the company from the leadership level to the subordinates to be able to help us community in advancing the economy of the community in each indigenous region. And maybe, the area that hasn't been opened by PT. Nabire Baru can be opened soon, so that the results obtained by the community are also increasing. We must not look at this company with only one eye, because the presence of PT. New Nabire has a tremendous impact in the midst of society in terms of the community's economy, "he concluded.


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