Corporate Governance

Building trust amongst our stakeholders

The Board of Directors of Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd acknowledges the importance of corporate governance and thus is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance through transparency and effective disclosure within the Company and its subsidiaries (the ‘Group’). As a good corporate citizen we adopt ethical best practices, both in the way we behave and in how we interact with the outside world.

Good governance requires an enterprise to have proper processes and systems to ensure that it is managed efficiently and effectively, and in the best interests of stakeholders.

To deliver on the above the Group has a Corporate Governance Framework and Risk Management Process.

Corporate Governance Framework

In principal, the Company adheres to the principles set out in the amended Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the “code”) issued by the Council on Corporate Governance ("CG Council") set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS").

Board Committees

The Company’s Board has delegated some of its key functions through the establishment of the Board Committees. This enables effective management and facilitates the Board in carrying out its stewardship and fiduciary responsibilities.

Risk Management

Goodhope is exposed to many risks that arise due to the nature of its diverse business operations and the environment in which it operates. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process has been implemented after taking into consideration these salient factors in the changing business dynamics and environment.