Education is a key pillar for community growth and development

Education is a key pillar for community growth and development

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  • Assistance to Public Schools
  • Vocational Schools
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Raising the level of education within the community is crucial for its long-term growth and development, and Goodhope works to ensure that everyone involved directly or indirectly with the business is given the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, qualifications and career opportunities.

In the remote locations in which we operate, local government investment in education and locally available educational facilities is limited. Hence, Goodhope invests in education to promote literacy levels for the next generation by increasing the communities’ access to quality formal and informal education by setting-up and operating its own schools, supporting local schools, assisting teachers’ education, and increasing the general awareness of the importance of getting and education. Our educational facilities also assist us in ensuring that our employees’ children also have readily available facilities for the education of their children.

Our education program under the management of the Agro Harapan Foundation engages with many experts and stakeholders to increase the standards of our education program as well as address the challenges faced in meeting our programme goals.

The Key initiatives of our Goodhope Educate programme include:

  • Setting up and operating a well-recognized junior school - SMP Tunas Agro and setting up and supporting the operations of crèche facilities, kindergarten and primary schools within our plantations for employees’ children as well as children from the surrounding communities.
  • Supporting and assisting public schools in the surrounding villages to increase their educational standards and quality of facilities available.
  • Assisting teachers and students by providing scholarships.
  • Assisting teachers on their continuous  development.
  • Supporting informal and vocational education programmes  aimed at increasing the literacy levels, employability and living standards of community personnel in collaboration with the local education office.


Agro Harapan Foundation

Goodhope's Education Advancement program was formalized in 2008 with the establishment of the Agro Harapan Foundation. Through this foundation, Goodhope helps advance education for the children of employees, and the children from the communities living in the surrounding villages.

The Foundation focuses on improving the governance and quality of education and education facilities, and on raising the standard of Kindergarten education as part of an integrated education program. The Foundation also enlists specialist expertise from time to time, collaborating with external partners on special programs and projects. Our partners include Government agencies, universities and education-based NGOs.

SMP Tunas Agro

One of Goodhope’s greatest achievements under its Education Advancement Initiative is its established Junior high School – SMP Tunas Agro. The success of this schools education program and facilities is recognized by the school being accredited with the highest rating category (A grade) that a private school in Indonesia could obtain. The school is complete with a fully-fledged science laboratory, computing facilities, a library and other facilities to offer a high quality education to its students. The facilities are on par with some city schools and give a competitive edge to students who attend.

This program has enabled the children of employees and the communities around our plantations in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia to obtain a quality primary education and improve their future outlook, through improved literacy rates and employability.

Assistance to Public Schools

Schools are assisted in gaining national accreditation and attracting high quality teachers, whom we help in gaining further certifications through scholarship programs.

As well as our own schools, Agro Harapan Foundation provides technical and operational assistance to nearby public schools, benefiting students from kindergarten level right through to senior high school level. We also hire additional support teachers for public schools assisted by the Foundation, and as at end March 2015 had 86 teachers under management.

Vocational Schools

In order to give people living in the communities around our plantations opportunities to work with us or to gain skills that will help to make them self-sufficient economically, we operate several vocational courses aimed both at students and community members, especially women.

We provide a comprehensive training course in Agronomy and Motor Mechanics to those eligible and enable them to find opportunities to work as interns for the Group companies. Those who excel are offered permanent employment by Goodhope.

Assistance to Teachers and Students

Towards enabling teachers as well as students to pursue their educational aspirations, the Foundation offers scholarships to selected students and teachers. Thus far nearly 200 scholarships are provided to students annually in order for them to pursue their university education.

Since 2010 the Foundation has been supporting teachers through scholarships to obtain their degrees and professional teacher certifications in order to help them qualify to meet the Indonesian Law for Teachers and Lectures to be fully qualified by the year 2015.

Towards rewarding and enhancing relationships with our employees and their families, a new scheme of scholarship – known as BRIDGE  - was launched in to assist children of deceased employees to continue their education from kindergarten up to Senior High school level with the possibility to continue on to University.