Community Development

Our CSR projects benefit more than 100,000 people surrounding our plantation operations

Our CSR projects benefit more than 100,000 people surrounding our plantation operations

  • Overview
  • CSR Strategy and Framework
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Smallholder Schemes
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure (including Staff Facilities)
  • Culture Preservation

Community Development

Community Development

Goodhope does not build oil palm plantations in isolation. We consider ourselves part of the communities that resides in close proximity to our plantation locations. We believe that Goodhope will benefit only if the communities benefit, and we strive to build and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with these communities.

We provide expertise and financial assistance across a wide range of essential areas including skills training, small business development, economic empowerment, critical infrastructure, education, healthcare and cultural and social preservation and development.

The Group has made efforts to formalize the process of giving back to the community by formulating an appropriate CSR framework that has been derived from the overall business strategies.

CSR Strategy and Framework

From the outset Goodhope works closely with local communities, mindful of its duty to ensure that practices are community friendly, that local, cultural and religious values are respected and that the Group facilitates in the economic empowerment of the community. The objective is to form strong bonds of trust, respect and friendship between those who work for Goodhope and those who share our locations.

One part of the strategy is aimed at enhancing the living conditions of the resident workforce by providing them with above average housing facilities; amenities like clean water for drinking and electricity; medical attention through the polyclinics; and recreation facilities. The other gives emphasis to the education facilities provided to children of the communities surrounding our plantations and our resident workforce. Goodhope's CSR framework

Working in tandem with this are initiatives that facilitate the development of the community and the villages adjoining our plantations, specifically by providing medical facilities, promoting education and awareness, providing vocational training and capacity building, and creating common amenities and recreational facilities. 

Economic Empowerment

Goodhope believes that mutual benefit for both, company and community, is essential for sustainability and long-term success, and the Group's economic empowerment program aims to help minimize the dependency of the village community on company philanthropic support.

Immediate action includes giving local residents opportunities for employment through contracting services in building infrastructure, and transporting produce, as well as offering employment within the plantation and supporting smallholder schemes.

In the longer term, Goodhope hopes to help local Food Authorities and Cooperative societies to setup marketing outlets in the villages, creating market access to village communities, and to involve NGOs in educating villagers on sustainable agricultural and fisheries projects.

Smallholder Schemes

The smallholder scheme involves land being set aside for village growers in line with the Indonesian Government's Plasma initiative, which involves a tri-partite arrangement among Cooperatives, Company and Bank.

The plan provides farmers with skills and equipment to set up oil palm plantations and sell the fruit bunches to Goodhope for milling. It is funded by the banks, managed by Goodhope, and creates a viable business through which we get a constant crop whilst, creating wealth and value for the community.

This scheme also gives villagers the opportunity to gain title to oil palm plantation lands. Land titles are held by a specially created Corporation (Koperasi), of which all villagers are members. Alternately, these land titles may be held by the individual farmers themselves.


Through our integrated healthcare program we provide health facilities, medical equipment, medicines, eye care services, dental services, nutrition advice and assistance with general medical needs. We have medical clinics and on-call doctors that serve the communities where our plantations are located. We provide monthly medical services, offer free medical check-ups and immunization, fund minor surgery such as cataracts and harelip operations, improve and maintain the existing Community Health center buildings, and provide healthcare equipment and furniture
to village clinics.

We are also involved in health education aimed at increasing the level of health and sanitation to minimize the spread of contagious illnesses among the community. Over the longer term, we plan to work with international bodies in providing healthcare development campaigns for children and adults (such as the eradication of malnutrition, polio, and dengue) as well as obtaining government support and the collaboration of International Donor Agencies such as WHO, in building fully equipped facilities.

Infrastructure (including Staff Facilities)

Goodhope's plantations in Indonesia are located in remote locations, where basic services are limited; therefore, investing in public infrastructure is of benefit, both to the community and to the employees that live within the plantations. We provide quality accommodation and infrastructure facilities for our resident workforce. Living conditions provided within our plantations are of high standards, and we put a great deal of emphasis on providing recreational and leisure facilities, and promoting social networking amongst the workforce through community and sports events.

Common amenities and infrastructure that support and enhance the living conditions of the local communities include provision of clean drinking water, critical road maintenance, provision of electricity generators and the distribution and supply of power for villages.

Goodhope also aims to improve the life styles and living standards of employees. Towards this aim, the Group has deployed many innovative initiatives aimed at providing facilities for our employees, including Social and Sports Club (SSC), Staff Housing, Cooperative Stores & Pay Day Bazaars.

Culture Preservation

We encourage ethnic and religious diversity and work with indigenous leaders to uphold local cultures and traditions, helping fragile communities maintain their social cohesion and retain their unique identity. Goodhope identifies with the different cultures and organizes cultural programs in our different regions of operations. We also facilitate the building of religious institutions in our plantations for the spiritual benefit of the communities.

One of our more notable initiatives has been our efforts to continue to preserve the Dayak Culture in Central Kalimantan in Indonesia. Our efforts have included building a Dayak Cultural Center in both Bangkal village and Terawan Village in order to preserve Dayak dance, sculpture, art and music.