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We believe in the power of people, and we believe we have the best

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The Goodhope brand is an expression of the Group's philosophy of "exceeding expectations through operational excellence, management expertise, responsible stewardship of resources and a willingness to apply proven skills to new challenges."

It is based around the three core values that underpin all our undertakings, and reflect the strengths we need to operate successfully in our chosen business.

Focused - a clear and unwavering concentration on delivering the targets set out in our business plans as well as setting down long term goals.

Flexible - the ability to adapt readily to changing industry dynamics, new operating environments and new business opportunities.

Fast - the ability to reduce the learning curve, shorten start-up times, and to act with purpose and direction at all times.

At Goodhope, we place special emphasis on the power of our people in driving sustainable business growth. We believe that empowered and engaged employees make the difference between average and superior business performance and efforts are taken to give our people the freedom to create, innovate and value add to existing work methods and processes towards driving positive change.

The Group has in place a leadership develop program which is one of empowerment, where the leadership team take pains to nurture and develop talent towards realizing their full potential, within a framework of trust and good governance.

The Group has implemented a unique, employee-driven engagement framework, whereby employee-teams are appointed annually to conceptualize, design and execute engagement initiatives centered around the Group’s corporate value system and people philosophy. The Human Resources department acts as the enabler which manages the overall process, ensuring consistence across the Group.

Goodhope's learning and development initiatives are geared towards enhancing personal growth and developing specific new skills to meet new challenges and implement new technologies. Various types of in-house and external seminars and training activities are organized to benefit different levels of staff throughout the year.

The Group values team work and the innovative spirit of individuals and we strive for excellence in all facets of our operations. Learning is a never-ending process and this positive working climate encourages and equips individuals to perform at an optimum level, resulting in the continuous build-up of a competent pool of human resources.

In our effort to always achieve above average results, identifying and satisfying welfare requirements of our employees are critical. If our people are to perform, they need to embrace their work with passion and determination; always striving to develop individual talent and expertise.

We believe that our people are the key that unlocks the full potential of the entire value chain, as it is only through the strength of our talent that we will fulfill our ambitious growth plans.

Hence we provide employees with opportunities to enhance their skills, ensure their well-being, and to work towards achieving their full potential by providing a range of welfare activities in all locations and operations.