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Green PROPER award for the second year to Sungai Purun mill of PT Agro Indomas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

For the second year running, the Sungai Purun mill of PT Agro Indomas, Goodhope's flagship plantation in Indonesia, was duly recognized as meeting the required standards set by the Indonesian government on environmental performance.

The final results released on November 28, 2012, by the Minister of Environment Office in Jakarta, Indonesia beheld Sungai Purun mill receiving the Green Rating for the second year. This milestone shows the commitment that Goodhope places on environment sustainability in our business operations.

This year 1,317 companies across Indonesia were evaluated from the Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas and Plantations industries. Of this total, only 12 companies were awarded a Gold rating, while 119 companies received the Green rating, which included 11 palm oil mills. The Sungai Purun mill of PT Agro Indomas was one of these 11 mills to be recognized by the Indonesian Government to have achieved the required standards.

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