Sustainability Journey - Oct 2018 - Issue No.18

Goodhope is implementing commitment and compliance-based approaches to move towards reaching its sustainability goals. Throughout our operations we continue to make improvements and advances towards reaching our sustainability targets through the implementation of initiatives such as capacity building to support sustainable livelihood development, environmental performance management, health and safety improvement, compliance assessments and certification audits.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Oct 2018

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Sustainability Journey - Sep 2018 - Issue No.17

We continue to strengthen capacity across company departments in order to meet our overall commitment to deliver improved performance in sustainability. Recent efforts to promote requirements across our operations have included a series of training sessions conducted by Goodhope’s Agronomy Department, with the aim to enhance and widen the implementation of best management practices for sustainable agriculture. 

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Sep 2018

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Sustainability Journey - Aug 2018 - Issue No.16

With the dry season in Indonesia well underway, we continue to coordinate activities to strengthen capacity to deal with one of our most pressing concerns – the potential outbreak of fires in and around our concessions.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Aug 2018

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Sustainability Journey - July 2018 - Issue No.15

In our previous issue of Sustainability Journey, we reported the completion of two important assessments that will contribute to conservation
management and monitoring at our concessions in Nabire region, Papua:

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - July 2018

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Sustainability Journey - June 2018 - Issue No.14

In this issue of our monthly report ‘Sustainability Journey’ we focus our attention on the recognition of World Environment Day, 5th June, and report on some of our recent efforts to encourage awareness and action with the aim to: protect remaining biodiversity and rare, endangered and threatened species; safeguard ecosystem services; and minimize our environmental impact.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - June 2018

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