Sustainability Journey November 2017 - Issue No.7

In this monthly newsletter we report on our ‘Sustainability Journey’ and
provide information on recent activities that have been undertaken in order
to fulfill our social and environmental commitments.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - November 2017

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Sustainability Journey October 2017 - Issue No.6

In this 6th issue of our monthly sustainability report we include an overview on some of our activities over the last four weeks, focusing on the following areas:

  • Engagement and Training
  • Completion of Assessments
  • Verification of the Legal Compliance of PT Nabire Baru
  • High Carbon Stock Approach for High Forest Landscape Project Proposal
  • Yerisiam Gua Community Grievance Settlement Procedures


For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - October 2017

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Sustainability Journey September 2017 - Issue No.5

This is the fifth issue of our monthly report 'Sustainability Journey' in which we outline our actions in
addressing grievances and our progress in improving our sustainability practices. Key achievements
over the past month include:
• Completion of Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) of PT Batu Mas Sejahtera (BMS) and PT Sawit
Makmur Sejahtera (SMS) in Ketapang and timely submission of reports to the RSPO Secretariat.
• Completion of HCV and HCS assessments at PT Nabire Baru and PT Sariwana Adi Perkasa in
Papua and public consultations on the results.
• Commencement of HCV and HCS assessments at PT Sumber Harapan Prima and PT Sinar Sawit
Andalan in Sintang.
• Progress in using the RSPO Dispute Settlement Facility (DSF) as a means to conclusively resolve
the complaint by Yayasan Pusaka to RSPO.
• Completion of the review of the Legal Compliance of PT Nabire Baru.
• Participation in collaborative projects that aim to improve practices, including the UNICEF
Children Rights and Business Principles Palm Oil Program.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - September 2017 

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Sustainability Journey August 2017 - Issue No.4

Sustainability Journey - August 2017 

The update highlight the following progress:

  • Progress in the settlement of grievances with the local community of Yerisiam Gua in Nabire, Papua.
  • Headway in meeting the requirements for completing environmental assessments in seven subsidiary companies of Goodhope in Nabire, Papua; Ketapang & Sintang, West Kalimantan.
  • Timely submission of Landuse Change Analysis (LUCA) reports on PT Nabire Baru and PT Sariwana Adi Perkasa in Nabire and PT Agrajaya Baktitama in Ketapang.
  • Socialization of NDPE policies to suppliers and local communities in Nabire, Papua.
  • Addressing the issue of compliance of PT Nabire Baru with the AMDAL or environmental permits and licenses



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Sustainability Journey - Monthly Update - July 2017

Monthly update progress made upto July 15, 2017



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