Sustainability Journey - June 2019 - Issue No.26

In June 2019 Goodhope reached another milestone in its sustainability journey with the lifting of the RSPO precautionary approach ‘Stop Work Order’ for PT Sinar Sawit Andalan and PT Sumber Hasil Prima. The decision comes in recognition that the conditions set by the RSPO Complaints Panel have been adequately met and that non-conformances will be resolved by investment in a conservation project in accordance with RSPO remediation and compensation mechanism. 

  For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - June 2019

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Sustainability Journey - May 2019 - Issue No.25

Palm oil sector is a human capital-intensive industry with the good average ratio of worker per hectare in the range of 0.12-0.17 or six to eight hectares per worker. The human capital is central to the sustainability of palm oil industry, and consequently, the employee well being is critical in contributing to a sustainable business operation. We believe that the empowered and engaged employees make the difference towards driving positive improvements.

 For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - May 2019

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Sustainability Journey - Apr 2019 - Issue No.24

Goodhope is working in collaboration with peers, consultants, researchers, NGOs, standards organizations, local government authorities and other stakeholders to develop the capacity and systems that will enable us to
collectively work towards goals of demonstrating responsible palm oil supply chain free from deforestation and exploitation.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - April 2019

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Sustainability Journey - Mar 2019 - Issue No.23

Widespread collective and collaborative action for sustainability is needed in order to enable future generations to live in a healthy environment with continued availability of sufficient resources to meet needs and support well being.

For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Mar 2019

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Sustainability Journey - Feb 2019 - Issue No.22

A positive milestone has been passed on our journey with the announcement of the conclusive resolution of the complaint case against PT Nabire Baru. This case (lodged in April 2016) is now closed following effective resolution that has been attained through multiple processes including:
• Completion of legal review.
• Completion of new HCV assessment and Land Use Change Analysis.

 For more Information please read Sustainability Journey - Feb 2019

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