Management Services

We are the catalyst of sustainable value creation across the businesses of Goodhope

Management Services

Goodhope's business plan requires a dedicated management function to centrally coordinate and manage Group activities in order to optimize performance and sustain growth, whilst providing leadership and direction to all operating entities within the Group. The Group's response is a dedicated management arm that provides all strategic and common support functions centrally.

The benefits derived include:

  • Management synergies through the experience of managing different locations.
  • Economies of scale as the volumes under management increase.
  • Costs that are spread across a larger volume.
  • Minimal duplication of effort at individual units.

The responsibilities of the Management Arm:

  • Undertaking and coordinating all business segment expansion initiatives.
  • Facilitating centralized management and monitoring.
  • Ensuring functional level policies and procedures are common to all operating units.

Through painstaking care of minor details, precision monitoring, access to a wider talent pool, and a real aptitude for capitalizing on operational efficiencies and standardized processes, the Group is creating a template for operational excellence; ensuring that the highest levels of management expertise are available wherever they are required, whether managing an existing well established plantation, setting up and defining a new operation, or launching into a new business segment.