ICT and Business Systems

At AHL Business Solutions, we enable your business as an end-to-end integrated business solutions specialist

ICT and Business Systems

AHL Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd (AHLBS) was set up as a specialized unit to provide business systems and services support to the Goodhope Group’s operating units to cater to the different demands of the Group including plantation operations, processing and manufacturing, trading and business process outsourcing.

AHLBS is today, geared to offer a better service to our clients, having gained a wealth of experience by having provided these extensive services to the Goodhope Group. The Company is in a position to offer services to enable their clients to manage their business more effectively and efficiently.

AHLBS, with interests across the ICT services industry, offers its services through five key business verticals, - ICT Infrastructure, Business Support Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Solutions Development and Consultancy Services.

By operating within these verticals, the unit has enabled greater synergies to be gained by Goodhope’s core business segments, while the centralization and standardization of the Group ICT resources allows greater flexibility and adaptability. The Company foresees this structure facilitating the easy roll-out of new and advanced technology for the Group while enabling us to be prepared to integrate new businesses across our chosen value chain.

The Company has long established relationships with world-class solution providers such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle to provide end to end solutions for its clients towards meeting their business requirements.

AHLBS is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for ISO 27001:2005, which is its ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’.

Today the segment is geared to offer its services to non-captive clients as well, towards realizing its vision become a world class integrated IT solutions provider.